Letters to the Editor

Zaccagnino wrong for commission

I am very disappointed that you endorsed David Zaccagnino for Manatee County Commission District 3. You particularly cited David’s service as a city commissioner in Holmes Beach.

I served with David on the commission for four years. During those years the island was faced with an onslaught of investor-built giant houses in residential neighborhoods. Residents had eight to 10 bedroom rental houses built next door to them.

Every week 20-30 new people would stay in these houses with the accompanying noise, cars, trash, etc. Blocks were being busted and our neighborhoods were being destroyed.

David voted in favor of developers and thus against the preservation of residential neighborhoods 99 percent of the time. I can recall only one time David voted to restrain developers in any way.

There is a reason that the entire City Commission of Holmes Beach and the mayor of Holmes Beach are supporting Matt Bower.

David’s record as a Holmes Beach commissioner should tell the voting public exactly where we would stand when the issues are the interests of developers compared to the interest of residents. David was soundly beaten two years ago when he ran for mayor of Holmes Beach. The residents sent a very clear message of what they think of David.

Jean Peelen

Holmes Beach