Letters to the Editor

Garbage hauler complaints fumbled

Well, for the second week in a row I went to the edge of the street to retrieve my recycling container. I had problems last week in that it was not completely empty. So I made sure the recycling material was loose in the container and put it back beside the house.

This week I again put the container out. When I went to retrieve it I noticed that it was around half to a little more than half full.

I called Manatee County utilities. It was mentioned about containers being packed too tight that they wouldn’t empty. I explained that this was the second week in row this had occurred and that I had checked the container to make certain that the material was loose in the container.

I was told to leave the container at curb side, which I did. I noticed the next day it was as I had left it so I called Manatee County back and was told that an order had been submitted and that someone would be out by 6 p.m.

Well, it is 7 p.m. and no one from Waste Management has been by to pick the recycling up. So my expectation is that this coming week I am going to be facing the same issue and lack of response from Waste Management.

I understand I was not the only resident with issues with the new bins not emptying totally. Try calling a complaint in and see how long you hold to speak with an operator.

I know every call is not a trash complaint but the wait is interesting. The ladies I spoke with at the county were outstanding as are the company employees working the street. The handling of the complaint at Waste Management doesn’t meet standards.

Dan Thorpe