Great plan to take healthy food to impoverished residents living in 'food deserts'

Kudos to the Geraldson Community Farm and the Florida Department of Health's Manatee County office for uniting to establish a mobile farmers market to serve the food deserts in various impoverished neighborhoods here.

Awarded a two-year, $100,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the organizations will purchase and operate a bus equipped with freezers, shelves and a generator. Fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm and other goods from farmers and businesses will be available, hopefully beginning in February.

This will be a boon to residents who do not reside near a healthy food market. Those residents will have input into the mobile market's schedule, food selection and educational programming.

What a great idea in every aspect.

In speaking at a September hunger forum in Palmetto, Florida Secretary of Agriculture Adam Putnam aptly described the challenge: "It's access, not supply. It's logistics. It's behavioral science. It's education. But it is not supply."

Taking healthy food to the needy along with nutrition education should have a big impact on personal wellbeing.