On presidency, vote your values


This election will be one of many that we have all participated in over the years. In most elections, voters are clear as a bell entering the polls. They know which way they are going to vote because they are presented with and have studied the issues, the positions of the candidates and it was relatively easy to decide. This November is not like that or any other presidential election we have ever seen or read about in American history.

The majority of voters are patriots, parents and Americans who stand at the playing of the national anthem. You may be a person who cares about getting it right for our country and our children and grandchildren. But this is the hardest presidential race ever to get right. Both candidates are below the bar that has been set by so many who came before them. Without repeating the specific misdoings and accusations on both sides, it is apparent that they have made very questionable choices in their careers at best.

So, you can understand how difficult it is for our editorial board to decide whom they would endorse as president of these great United States of America. Therefore, we’re not. It is as unprecedented as the Arizona Republic endorsing a Democrat after 126 years of endorsing Republicans.

The Bradenton Herald encourages you to vote. It’s one of the most important things we will ever do in our lifetimes. We will be voting, though the choices are not evident. It may be a last-minute decision despite learning all we can about the potential outcomes of voting for X or Y.

The very best commentary we can make is for you to choose the candidate that most closely aligns with your personal values. Vote you must to preserve the American way, and it is well worth preserving.

This country is as divided and intolerant of each other’s views as ever in our history. There is no listening, only talking. So, no conflicting ideas are allowed to enter the brain. Heaven forbid we compromise with each other. It’s win at all costs and winning is everything. That’s the state of the union today, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

If there is one thing this divisive political season has put an exclamation point on, it is the need for us to get back to civil political discourse for the good of the nation and our children. We act as if a dissenting thought is going to destroy the country as we know it. The fact is that dissenting ideas, openly discussed, lead to unification and understanding, not destruction and demise. They lead to a great nation that makes intelligent and thoughtful decisions that positively impact our future.

Many politicians thrive on divisiveness; they win by causing chaos and doubt. We need to change this sad state of affairs; our politicians have too much at stake personally to change the system.

So, we suggest one thing. Talk — no, listen — to someone who has the opposite opinion before you vote.