Santa’s beard caught in stunt at South Florida mall

Ouch! Santa’s beard got caught in rappelling gear at a South Florida mall, making for an agonizing descent to the waiting kids below.

Unable to free the fake white whiskers while flailing his arms and legs as he roped to the floor, Santa and his helpers below went into crisis mode.

An assistant below started to lead the confused crowd in singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and said the song would conjure some magic needed to help the struggling Santa.

When he landed in the food court of the Palm Beach Gardens mall, stunt-man Santa ripped off the trapped facial hair and presented himself as an elf to the real Santa, according to WPEC-Channel 12 in West Palm Beach.

Filthy chimneys must seem like paradise in comparison.

Channel 12 reported that the man was a professional rope climber who did the stunt at no charge. The stunt had been rehearsed but without the beard. The volunteer made a swift exit afterward and remains anonymous.