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Hurricane Matthew leaves thousands flooded, 5 dead in Haiti

Five people have been confirmed dead and 10 injured as a result of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, the country's Office of Civil Protection said Wednesday.

Spokesman Edgar Celestin authorities are still compiling an assessment of the storm's impact especially in the Grand' Anse, which remains cut off because of no cellphone service.

At least 1,855 homes were flooded, affecting 2,700 families. Also the number of people who evacuated and went into shelters rose from 9,000 to 15,623.

The storm battered Haiti's southern peninsula while unleashing heavy rains and winds around the country.

"There isn't any place that hasn't been impacted," Jean Wilson Hippolite, a member of Haiti's Lower House in parliament, said about the city of Leogane, located in the West Department. "A lot of farms have been destroyed."

Across the country in the northwest, the storm also flooded homes and streets.

"Mathew is not slowing down and is not forgiving our district of Bombardopolis and Baie-de-Henne. Still pounding us at 153 mph," parliamentarian Jean-Michel Moise tweeted as the storm passed near the country's northern coast. "Trees have fallen and homes are destroyed. The majority of farms have been leveled."

The rains and continued in Bombardopolis Wednesday morning as trees continued to fall and rivers rise. Haiti's meteorological service warned Haitians that the risk of flooding continues even as the weather subsides in some places of the country like the capital.

On Tuesday, interim Haiti President Jocelerme Privert launched a call for solidarity with victims of Matthew, telling them that the government "will do everything possible to bring you support, food, water and medicines."

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