Wine, doughnuts and Disney. These moms are celebrating the start of school in style

5 back-to-school reminders for parents

Here's a quick-hit list of everything parents should know before school starts back up on Aug. 17.
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Here's a quick-hit list of everything parents should know before school starts back up on Aug. 17.

Break out the wine glasses. The kids are back in school.

At least, that’s what a group of moms in Central Florida did. They even made a photo shoot out of their glee.

The photos, posted on Shawna Genua’s Wee Winks photography Facebook page, shows Genua, Bridgett Brown, Jennifer Patterson, and Robyn Kelly dressed in comfy robes and holding large glasses of wine, with a box of doughnuts on the ground.

A sign next to the group has the words “First Day of School 2019” and “#ByeFelicia” written on it.

The caption?

“Happy first day of school!!! We’ll be juuuuuuust fine!!”

The squad lives in the same Minneola neighborhood and the women have only known each other for about six months. But they quickly became each other’s support system. In total, the group has 18 kids.

So, when Genua came up with the idea of doing a back-to-school photo shoot with a twist, the moms quickly jumped on board.

“We basically wanted to show the fun side for moms,” said Kelly, the mom holding the extremely large wine glass and throwing a peace sign in one of the photos.

When they first took the photos, their kids — particularly the teenagers — thought it was silly.

“We couldn’t stop making fun of them,” Genua’s daughter said.

Then, it went viral and now they’ve hit #CoolMom status, even with their kids. By Wednesday afternoon, they were on national television.

“We thought it was silly but now it’s pretty cool,” Patterson’s daughter said.

All the bottles were sealed, and with a little editing magic, Genua made the red fruit punch inside their glasses look like red wine. The moms had a “lot of belly laughs” creating the photos and have received a flux of positive comments.

They said they did get a few “mom shamers” but have decided to ignore it. The job of a mom is the “greatest and hardest job in the world,” according to the group, and is something they’re proud of.

But, they do have one message for the haters.

“Cheers and have a great day,” Kelly said.

In a similar spirit, another Central Florida mom took a trip to Walt Disney World without her kids to celebrate the first day of school this year and posted about it on her blog “The Castle Run.”

Called “Disney Mom 101: First Day of School Edition,” the post is filled with Disney characters and cast members posing with the kid-free mom and a “celebrating” pin. These pins are normally used to celebrate special occasions, and for this mom, it was the first day of school.

1st Day of School Pi_fitted.jpeg
A Central Florida mom took a trip to Disney World without her kids to celebrate the first day of school this year. Lisa DiNoto at TheCastleRun.com

“People are going to start stopping you and telling you that you are life goals,” Lisa DiNoto wrote on the blog. “They will often be saddled with strollers and lots of tired children. Be gracious. Comfort them. Wish them a magical day…. and try not to skip away.”

Fairy Godmother.jpg
Lisa DiNoto posed with the Fairy Godmother during a trip to Disney. She was celebrating her kids being back in school. Lisa DiNoto at TheCastleRun.com

While some may say it’s mean, the blogger said she lives about 10 minutes away and is always taking the kids to the park. The overall feedback, she said, has been positive, and just like the squad in Minneola, said there’s nothing wrong with a mother getting a little R&R.

“I love that it is empowering moms that much more to take care of themselves and that self care does not mean that you don’t love and miss your children,” DiNoto said.

The FaithCentre in Bellefonte is blessing every school aged child with three back to school outfits.

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