Watch as Orlando skateboarders beat two men in newly released video

Newly released video from Orlando police shows a minute-long brawl between downtown Orlando skateboarders and two men, resulting in thrown skateboards and an injured man.

On the night of May 1, an Orlando police officer responded to a call of people fighting near a string of nightclubs and bars in downtown Orlando, according to a police department release.

The officer arrived to see Brett Thompson on the ground with cuts and blood on his face. He was unable to say what what happened because of injuries, but he told police he wanted to press charges against the men, who were on skateboards.

The officer met with several witnesses, who said about six to 10 white male teens with skateboards were involved in the incident. One witness told the officer that he saw a man with no shirt running away. Police identified him as Josue Mariano Sanchez Sauza, one of the victims.

Another witness provided police with video of the brawl, which showed about six to eight teenagers, most with skateboards, getting into an argument with Thompson and Sanchez Sauza.

Sanchez Sauza “squares up” several times to fight in the video, police said. Meanwhile, Thompson steps between Sanchez Sauza and an unknown male.

The male turns his attention from Sanchez Sauza to Thompson. While they’re arguing, another male swings a yellow skateboard at Thompson, knocking him back. He hits Thompson with the skateboard again while others join in.

Thompson is seen crawling around a parked vehicle in the video. Shortly thereafter, one of the skaters batters him with a skateboard. At that point, numerous bystanders intervene.

Sanchez Sauza told the officer the dispute started when he and his friend, Thompson, were talking to a group of women, and the skateboarders tried to talk to the same women.

Thompson said the incident began when the skateboarders tried to do a trick that almost hit them. When one of the skateboarders touched him, he said, he told him, “Don’t put your hands on me.” Thompson was then blindsided by a skateboard, he told police.

Thompson, who was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, said he does not remember much because he lost consciousness.

If you have any information on the incident or those involved call the Orlando Police Department at 321-235-5300.

Miami Herald Real Time Reporter Devoun Cetoute covers breaking news, Florida theme parks and general assignment. He attends the University of Florida and grew up in Miami. Theme parks are on his mind in and out of the office.