Roofer got the work after Hurricane Irma, but the workers didn’t get $70,068 owed them

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Kelly Roofing got in on the rebuilding work to be done after Hurricane Irma smacked Florida in 2017. But a U.S. Department of Labor investigation found Kelly didn’t share the wealth with its workers as it should have.

Kenneth Kelly’s Bonita Springs company paid $70,068 in back wages to 155 workers after violating overtime and record keeping laws, Labor announced this week.

Labor found Kelly Roofing paid employees on a piece rate system, in which pay is based on production, but didn’t take into account the number of hours the employees worked. But Kelly also didn’t keep proper records of time the employees worked.

“Even if employees are paid piece rates or on salaries, they typically are still due overtime when they work more than 40 hours a week,” Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division District Director James Schmidt said in a statement.

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