State Politics

The agenda

Gov. Rick Scott has asked state lawmakers to approve a list of changes.

Pensions: Require state workers to contribute 5 percent of their salaries to pensions; replace the pension plan with a 401(k) account for new workers; eliminate the Deferred Retirement Option Program; end cost-of-living adjustments for retirement accounts.

Taxes: Phase out the 5.5 percent corporate income tax; eliminate about $40 million in pollutant taxes and fees, including charges on waste tires, pesticides and fertilizers.

Crime: Require civil citations for minor juvenile offenses.

Union: Pass a so-called “paycheck protection” law that prohibits unions from spending public employee dues on political activity.

Drug tests: Require drug tests for social welfare recipients.

Unemployment: Reduce payments for out-of-work Floridians and the business taxes that pay for those benefits.

Reorganization: Merge the state’s main economic development agencies into one office; give the governor’s office control over the Division of Emergency Management and the budgets for Water Management Districts.

Vouchers: Let more students transfer out of a failing public school to another public school.