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As Rubio Watch continues, Carlos Beruff makes play for Miami Spanish-language radio

In case there was any doubt that Republican Carlos Beruff plans to fight hard against Marco Rubio if the U.S. senator makes a last-minute decision to seek re-election, Beruff's campaign unveiled a new ad this week targeting Rubio's most loyal base: Cuban Americans in Miami.

The 60-second radio spot, which the campaign says is airing on local Spanish-language radio, highlights Beruff's Cuban bona fides. The ad is set up as a phone call, in which Beruff calls a female supporter.

"I like it when you talk about how your family came from Cuba, but why don't you tell about how they fought in the counter-revolution?" she says. Later, she adds: "And your uncle. Poor guy. What a man. He died in the Bay of Pigs along with so many others."

"If anyone understands the importance of a free Cuba, it's me," Beruff responds.

"But Carlos Beruff -- don't forget how politicians are here. They're already making atrocious insults," the woman warns. "I don't believe everything they say. But look, you have to talk more about the successful company you built yourself. You've built more than 2,000 houses here in Florida. And you're completely right about Washington. Those politicians forget who they're working for."

Concludes Beruff: "I think I'm going to let you record my next commercial."