At least 20 injured, one dead in London after van and knife ‘terrorist incidents’

By Greg Hadley

Police rushed to two areas in London after a van rammed into pedestrians on London Bridge and multiple people were stabbed in a nearby market in what is being called a “terrorist incident.”

BBC News reports that London Bridge was closed late Saturday and will remain so for all of Sunday. Witnesses told the BBC that a white van, traveling around 50 miles per hour, mounted the sidewalk and struck as many as 20 people.

Police later reportedly told media outlets, including the BBC, that there has been more than one fatality.

Reporters for Reuters and The Spectator in London have confirmed a heavy police presence on the bridge in the immediate aftermath of the attack, with more than 10 police vehicles present.

There have also been reports from witnesses to Reuters, BBC News, CNN and The Telegraph of stabbings committed by three or more men who emerged from the van.

The BBC and Reuters report that police are seeking at least three male suspects.

Police also responded to an incident at Borough Market, which is within half a mile of the London Bridge. A third incident a few miles away at Vauxhall was later concluded to be unrelated to the other two, police said.

There have been reports of injuries and deaths from stabbings and gunfire. Police confirmed that shots were fired after they responded to these reports, as well as controlled and monitored explosions.

President Donald Trump has been informed about the incident and will continue to monitor the situation, according to Press Secretary Sean Spicer, while British Prime Minister Theresa May is also in contact with officials, according to the BBC.

On Twitter, Trump sent out several messages, promising to do “whatever the United States can do to help out.” He also called on the judicial system to reinstate his controversial travel ban and retweeted an unconfirmed report from the Drudge Report saying 20 people were struck by the van. That number was later confirmed by British authorities.

The Telegraph and BBC News have both reported that May has announced the incident is being treated as a “potential act of terrorism.” Later, police officially declared the incidents to be terrorist attacks.

The U.K. has already been reeling from the May 22 attack in Manchester at a Ariana Grande concert that killed 22 people. Grande and others are slated to return to Manchester on Sunday for a benefit concert.

On March 22, the British Parliament building was attacked by a man who ran over pedestrians with a car and then stabbed several people.