You may be the only one who actually ‘likes’ your Facebook vacation photos, study says

A new study has found that about three-quarters of the population get annoyed with their friends posting vacation photos on social media.
A new study has found that about three-quarters of the population get annoyed with their friends posting vacation photos on social media. Creative Commons

It seems a standard part of many people’s vacations now: You arrive at the hotel, get settled, and then snap a photo to post on social media – whether it’s a selfie, the view from your room or a fancy drink.

But even as those pictures rack up some self-affirming “likes,” most people actually don’t enjoy your vacation photos.

A new study by Aviva, an insurance firm based in the United Kingdom, surveyed 2,000 people and found 73 percent of people find it annoying when they see photos of other people’s vacations on social media. The most irritating image, according to the survey, were the “hot dog legs on the beach.” Those images even have their own Instagram account.


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Aviva used the study to make a point about the possibility of vacation posts being used by thieves to target homes.

“Posting pictures and checking-in on social media while away could potentially leave a home vulnerable to thieves. The best time to post holiday pictures to social media is when you’re back home,” the firm cautioned. “If you really can’t wait to share, then at least make sure you’re only posting to a closed circle of trusted friends and family.”

The most popular images that people post, according to Aviva, are balcony photos, cultural landmarks and sightseeing, the first cocktail, people they met on the vacation, local dogs and cats, the “hot dog legs” on the beach and local bartenders.

CyberLink, a multimedia software company, surveyed people on how they specifically used social media on vacation in 2014, which provides some insight on why our friends have started to become annoyed. One in four people who own a smartphone and use social media say they post photos online within an hour of arriving on their vacation – and some don’t even wait until they arrive.

One in seven Americans said they would block someone on social media for posting “an excessive amount of boastful photos from vacation.” A quarter said they would consider it.

CyberLink found the most popular photos to post included family and friends, landscapes, balcony views and food. But selfies are also quite common, and the most popular types of selfies include ones with sunglasses, groups making a silly face, cocktails and a part of the body on a beach.

However, more than half of Americans cited reasons other than getting “likes” for posting those photos. The majority of people say they do it because they enjoy sharing pictures, they’re updating friends and family on their whereabouts and they want to save holiday moments.