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MCC’s name change far from inspiring

State College of Florida.

Say what?

Count me among the ranks of people unimpressed by the newfangled name for Manatee Community College.

Good grief.

I understand the impetus for change because of the college’s evolving mission regionally.

Witness the ramping up of its nursing program and its designation as a state college.


So maybe good ol’ MCC doesn’t carry the same cachet on a student’s resume anymore.

But State College of Florida?


That is nowhere.

Looking down the list of other former community colleges around Florida, several have made name changes that elevated their profile instantly.

Daytona State.

Indian River State.

Edison State.

So, in that vein, how does Manatee State College grab you?

Got a nice ring to it.

Got oomph. Pizzazz.

State College of Florida?


If that name connects anyone to the distinctive college campus off 26th Street West, or the campuses in Lakewood Ranch and Venice, good for you.

I doubt it does for many others, especially far-flung alumni.

What’s troubling is the way the school’s new president, Lars Hafner, and its board of trustees have dismissed its local identity.

This is a community rightfully proud of its rich heritage in all its manifestations.

Including education and its considerable role here.

MCC is part of it, a cherished institution and conduit for higher learning and enrichment for half a century.

Now that identity is swept away for the sake of expanding its image.

State College of Florida.

Who are they trying to kid?

This is Bradenton.

This is Manatee County.

This is who we are.

Deal with it.

That they also dropped the Lancers as the longtime mascot for the college’s athletic teams is baffling.

For Manatees?

Give me a break.

How that fits into the big picture with the college’s name change strategy is beyond me.

Lancers had tradition.

The name had cool.

Manatees are lumbering sea cows.

They’re vegetarians, too.

Hardly the kind of fierce mascot that’s going to excite fans.

Nor inspire college athletes wearing the name across their game uniforms.

That our county is named after the marine mammal is distinguishing enough.

Let’s go, State College of Florida Manatees!

Good luck with all that.

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