Class of 2016

Highlights of Manatee High graduation

Number of graduates: Approximately 438.

Speakers: T. Jorgensen, D. Barber and N. Rosenzweig, who were all members of the graduating Class of 2009

Shining moment: Students lining up row by row and walking across the stage to receive their diplomas at Hawkins stadium. Students in the top 10 percent wore white gowns. Female students wore red gowns and male students wore blue gowns.

Best quote: “All of you are happy. Some of you are relieved and perhaps some of you are even surprised,” said Travis Jorgensen, referring to parents’ emotions to graduation when addressing the audience.

Interesting sight: Some of the students wrote messages on their caps. Megan Tippett, 17, wrote, “MHS ‘09 and FSU ‘13” on her white cap decorated in school colors.

— Herald Staff