Schools employee quits after he’s caught sending lewd video from office to lover, report says

An employee with the School District of Manatee County has resigned after he masturbated in his district office and shared videos of the act with someone’s wife during an ongoing affair, according to an internal investigation.

Ryan Bremner, a former systems engineer in the technology department, was soon placed on paid administrative leave after the husband contacted Superintendent Cynthia Saunders on July 30.

The husband alleged that Bremner “would expose himself and perform masturbation while in his office at the district and this was being viewed live by his wife either on FaceTime or via a web application called Slack,” according to Troy Nelson, the district investigator.

The husband also sent a picture to the investigator, according to his report.

“The photograph depicted Ryan Bremner seated in his office at the School Support Center with his penis exposed,” it states.

The husband later accused Bremner of traveling to Massachusetts on a district-sponsored business trip in April, spending all his time with the wife, a friend he reportedly met in college.

“I was able to confirm that Mr. Bremner did travel to Massachusetts during this time,” Nelson reported. “However, he used personal time, and this was not a business trip. No district funds were used to sponsor this trip.”

Nelson opened his investigation on July 31, the same day Bremner was placed on leave, and one day after Superintendent Saunders first received the allegations. Bremner, a district employee since 2005, had never faced disciplinary action, the investigator noted.

“When meeting with Mr. Bremner, he did acknowledge that this was occurring,” the report states. “However, it was not happening during work hours and he said he was using his own personal devices, not district equipment or networks.”

“He was very remorseful and stated he and his wife were going through a bad time and he made some very poor decisions,” the report continues. “Mr. Bremner stated he had been an exemplary employee and had a lapse in judgment getting involved in this relationship and bringing this into the workplace.”

The report, first requested on Aug. 21, was received by the Bradenton Herald on Friday afternoon. Linda Lambert, the public records custodian, said the district faced repeated issues when serving the document to Bremner, delaying the record request.

Bremner’s resignation was received on Aug. 6, according to district records.

“Mr. Bremner claims this was not occurring during work hours,” the investigator reported. “However, phone logs do show telephone conversations happening during work hours in March and April 2019.”

“While the district does not normally get involved in personal matters, Mr. Bremner used district facilities to further this relationship,” Nelson concluded.