Manatee High students share favorite books, life lessons

They sat, mostly criss-cross applesauce, as Hannah Brooks read her favorite book, “The Giving Tree,” to a room full of kindergarden students on Thursday at Jessie P. Miller Elementary School.

Brooks paused reading for a moment to ask a question. “Do you guys know what ‘sacrifice’ means?” she asked. Small hands shot up to answer as one student blurted out: “Giving something to another person.”

A group of 39 students from Manatee High arrived in a bright yellow bus Thursday to share their favorite books with students.

“Books teach important lessons, life lessons,” said Brooks, who said she hopes to be an English teacher someday.

In classroom down the hall, Bo Armer, 17, was reading “The Very Cranky Bear” to a group of Pre-K students. Children sat on a colorful, round carpet, at times making observations out loud. “That bear looks like a goat!” said one, as the others laughed.

Armer laughed with them as he turned the page.

After the books were read, some children hugged their visiting readers.

“Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys,” Brooks said as she gave out some final high-fives.