Manatee district fires school guardian. Here’s what happened

The School District of Manatee County fired an armed safety guardian about one week after the Bradenton Herald reported on his questionable Facebook page, where he shared conspiracy theories — some of them violent — for nearly a decade.

John Cinque updated his Facebook to list the school district as an employer on July 23, the same day guardians attended their first day of training. He then deployed to Kinnan Elementary School in late August.

He was served a letter of termination this week, said district attorney Mitchell Teitelbaum, adding that Cinque was still on the probationary contract for new employees. No reason was given for the firing.

Cinque did not respond to requests for comment on Friday.

And though the district completed an investigation through its Office of Professional Standards, Teitelbaum said it was temporarily exempt from public records law.

“No material derogatory to an employee shall be open to inspection until 10 days after the employee has been notified,” Florida Statute 1012.31 states.

blurred facebook post 3
Image uploaded to John Cinque’s now-disabled Facebook page on that date. screen grab/Facebook

On Aug. 27, less than three hours after being contacted by a reporter, district officials said they removed Cinque from campus and placed him on a temporary assignment. His Facebook page was disabled around the same time.

Among conspiracies about crisis actors, chemtrails and the impending Islamic caliphate, Cinque shared his deep hatred for authority and his belief in the New World Order.

According to his Facebook posts, Cinque believes the government is planning to confiscate citizens’ guns, possibly by orchestrating a disaster and sparking mass panic, all for the purpose of sending them to concentration camps and furthering the creation of a one-world government.

Some believe the United Nations will join federal authorities in carrying out the plan. In 2011, Cinque posted an upside down SWAT helmet with a bullet hole in its side.

It was accompanied by an inaccurate and outdated quote that read, “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.”

blurred facebook post 2
Image uploaded to John Cinque’s now-disabled Facebook page on that date. screen grab/Facebook

He also shared nearly a dozen images that depicted UN helmets. A post from 2016 said, “Official Patriot Qualification Target,” and many others were altered to place bullet holes in the helmets.

Cinque commented on a picture from July 9, 2011, which depicted hundreds of UN helmets in a pile.

“I like to think they were already worn and target practice has already taken place,” it states. “They are just stacked now to do the body count.”

Another 60 images are related to the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters, which are described as “anti-government extremists” and “radical” militias by the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center.

In turn, some members feel they are demonized for upholding the constitution and, in Cinque’s case, protecting the nonbelievers.

blurred fb post 1
Image uploaded to John Cinque’s now-disabled Facebook page on that date. screen grab/Facebook

Those people are “sheep” and “slaves,” according to his posts. He shared similar views in a series of videos, in which he cursed at the National Guard and warned his viewers of the inevitable fight against tyranny.

“Get ready, the revolution is coming,” he said in one video.

Cinque served in the U.S. Navy from July 1984 to April 1988 before he switched to the reserves, where he remained for two years and three months, according to the National Personnel Records Center.

And according to his introduction at training, Cinque also worked as a firefighter in Connecticut for more than two decades.

The school district hired him and 19 others after they completed 144 hours of training through the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. Each guardian received a background check, psychological evaluation and drug screening.

Another group is expected to complete training and deploy to area schools by Sept. 17.

Cinque’s Facebook page was reactivated as of Friday morning, bringing hundreds of pictures and dozens of videos back into the public eye.

It also listed a new employer: “Working For Jesus Christ.”