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Braden River Elementary students ‘pie’ principal, assistant principal

At this point, 10-year-old Addison Kolbe is an old pro at throwing things at Braden River Elementary School principal Hayley Rio.

Last year, as a reward for completing her summer homework Addison got to throw a wet sponge in the principal’s face. This year, after successfully completing her summer homework assignment to prepare for her fifth-grade year at the school, Addison got to throw a shaving cream pie at Rio and at assistant principal Krista Francies.

There was no contest as to which Addison preferred more.

“The sponges, you just threw them and they got wet. Now they’re all covered in shaving cream and stuff,” Addison said Friday, with some residual shaving cream on her cheeks and her hands.

More than 300 students at the elementary school on River Club Road were eligible to partake in this year’s event after completing their work. Students also got a special shirt to recognize their efforts during the summer.

The shirts and the pies in the face are a fun way to reward the students for staying active during the summer, Francies said.

“Their work shows they truly care about how they’re going to do in the classroom,” she said.

Nine-year-old Sebastian Lopez said he didn’t mind doing work during his summer break because he knew it would help him prepare and get ahead for his fourth-grade year. His homework had a lot of math in it, Lopez said.

“You can know the stuff you’re supposed to know in fourth grade already,” Lopez said. “It’s more challenging for me to do math and other subjects and it’s kind of cool.”

Although this is Francies’ first year as assistant principal at the school, Rio is no stranger to these types of events. In addition to having wet sponges being the reward for students who completed their summer work last year, students who helped raise money for the school’s booster club last year got to slime Rio.

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