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Manatee County School District: educate, don’t advocate on school grounds

Manatee County School District employees got a reminder from the district this week: When it comes to politics — including local school board races and the half-cent sales tax extension ballot question — “educate, don’t advocate.”

An email out to staff on Thursday, the second day of school, reminded employees they were not to use district resources or work time to support or oppose any candidate for political office. When it comes to the question of the half-cent sales tax, employees were reminded that no district money may be used to advocate for a positive vote, but district money may be used to educate.

“School Board of Manatee County Policy & Procedural Manual sections 3.9 is very clear on prohibited employee political participation on school grounds, which includes, but is not limited to employees using supplies, materials and equipment during their work schedule to support or oppose any candidate running for office,” the memo, written by general counsel Mitchell Teitelbaum, states.

The information was just general guidelines as the school year starts, Teitelbaum said.

“It was a friendly reminder,” he said.

See the full memo under “Related Content.”

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