All About the Children

Pokémon Go is a no-no at Manatee County schools

Under the official policy, you cannot catch a Pokémon a Manatee County School District campus.

And that’s because students really shouldn’t be using their phones at all during the school day when school picks back up on Aug. 10.

The Pokémon Go craze took off in July and hasn’t slowed down since. Amateur Pokémon masters can still be sighted along the Bradenton Riverwalk and local businesses have tried to leverage the craze to their advantage.

“The kids know when they can and cannot have access to their phones,” district spokesman Mike Barber said. “It’s just like any other kind of electronic device or cellphone management.”

As far as he’s aware, there are no PokéStops or gyms — locations where many Pokémon can be found — on campuses but only time will tell.

“We don’t forsee any problems with it,” Barber said.