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Blackburn students get ‘silly’ after completing summer reading challenge

Wielding cans of Silly String, Blackburn Elementary School students unleashed some colorful venom at four of the school’s officials Friday afternoon, as a reward for completing their summer reading challenge.

Similar to the rewards students at Braden River Elementary School receive for finishing their summer work, officials at Blackburn want to entice their students to keep reading and learning over breaks.

“Some kids forget what they’re learned. The summer challenge helped us,” said 10-year-old Meosha Freeman, a fifth-grade student.

The summer reading challenge got underway before the last school year ended.

“We let them go book shopping before the school year ended,” said Amy Lindsey, an employee at the school who helped organize Friday’s festivities.

They also worked in their classrooms to address and fill out envelopes with stamps. Once students read their books, they wrote about what they read and dropped the envelope in the mail.

The year before, students called the extension of their favorite teacher and left them a voicemail, either reading part of their book out loud or talking about their favorite part of the book.

Normally, Blackburn students are rewarded with some type of special field trip, but since it was so early in the school year, officials went another route.

Meosha and classman Alondra Pedro, an 11-year-old fifth-grade student, have both previously completed other reading challenges. Without a doubt, they both said getting to silly string Lindsey, principal Latrina Singleton, assistant principal Shelby Bench and graduation enhancement technician Lacey Agresta was much better.

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