Man caught on video stealing Confederate flag in Bradenton gets slap on the wrist

Dejerrian Dequan Murray
Dejerrian Dequan Murray

MANATEE -- An East Bradenton man who went viral in July for stealing a Confederate flag off a home on video is getting a light punishment.

Dejerrian Dequan Murray and an unidentified friend went to a home in the 5600 block of 43rd Street East and took a Confederate flag hanging in front of the home that was valued at about $100, according to an arrest report. Murray then got into the car with his friend and the two drove off.

A video shot by the driver surfaced on Facebook shortly after, and the victim filed a theft report. An anonymous caller then identified Murray and the driver to investigators, and a search through mugshots and driver's license records confirmed Murray's identity.

On Sept. 22, the State Attorney's Office filed a deferred prosecution agreement that states Murray will serve probation rather than jail time. If at the end of his probationary period the probation office deems his participation and progress "satisfactory," then the charges will be dismissed.

The offer was made to Murray because he has no prior criminal record, no "significant" juvenile record and the crime was a nonviolent misdemeanor. Murray also had to pay $54.96 in restitution fees to the victim.

Murray was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession in April 2014 and pled no contest before a trial. He was sentenced to time served.