Sarasota family finds burglar stripping valuables from home

SARASOTA -- The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office arrested a 25-year-old woman found burglarizing a Sarasota home at 9:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Logan Geerhardt, his wife and daughter returned home on Lords Drive, saw a Cadillac in their driveway and someone peeking out the front door. Geerhardt reportedly found Mellisa Lee, 25, in his dining room, blocked her from running out the door and took the keys out of the ignition before she could leave.

The Sarasota suspect started hitting him and his wife until Geerhardt pinned her until deputies arrived.

Deputies reported finding a laundry basket filled with items Lee planned to take and the victims identified belongings already in Lee's car including cash, jewelry, candle holders and fishing equipment.

Lee is charged with burglary with battery, simple battery, and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

She was held on $21,500 bond in Sarasota County jail.