Bradenton man steals cameras recording his burglary, cops say. It was too late

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A compilation video showing some of Florida’s dumbest criminals in action.

A 37-year-old Bradenton man is facing felony burglary charges after he broke into a neighbor’s house in the 5000 block of 14th Street West and stole the video surveillance cameras already recording his crime, Manatee sheriff’s deputies say.

The homeowner was at a friend’s house on July 18 when she received an alert on her phone that her internal motion cameras had been triggered and according to the report, the video showed Haberle “rummaging through her stuff.”

Deputies say Haberle covered his face during the burglary, but the video showed a small tattoo on his left hand next to his thumb and another tattoo on top of his hand, as well as additional arm tattoos that were visible on the video.

According to the report, as Haberle was rummaging through the homeowner’s things, he noticed the two cameras recording him and stole them in an attempt to cover up his actions, but the video was already recorded on the homeowner’s phone.

The homeowner told deputies the person in the video resembled a man who lives across the street and deputies made contact with Haberle where they observed his tattoos to be identical to the person in the video.

Haberle also had a warrant for his arrest on another burglary case and was booked into the Manatee County jail on both charges.

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