Former Manatee deputy slammed inmate on his face. He’ll spend 4 months in jail for it

A former Manatee County Sheriff’s Office corrections deputy has been convicted of felony battery and sentenced to 120 days in jail after he assaulted an inmate at the Manatee County Jail.

According to a release from State Attorney Ed Brodsky’s Office, Paul Wagner, 34, was escorting an inmate through the jail on June 23, 2017, when a “verbal altercation” over a contraband search occurred. The sheriff’s office released video of the incident that depicts Wagner pinning the inmate against the wall before throwing him to the ground.

An internal affairs investigation said Wagner’s use of force broke the inmate’s nose and teeth. He was fired after the agency completed its 11-day investigation.

Wagner, who was a seven-year veteran of the sheriff’s office, entered a plea agreement about two weeks ago, the state attorney’s office said. The deal also requires that Wagner spend 30 days in the work offender program and anger management classes as a condition of two years of probation.

Wagner’s felony battery charge carried a maximum penalty of five years in jail.