Florida gang member sends out a ‘hit’ on a rival, cops say. He put it in the mail

Pasco County sheriff’s deputies say a 40-year-old Florida man wanted to kill the brother of a man who killed his son and put out a contract on the would-be victim using a postcard while in jail.

Charles White was in the Land O’ Lakes Detention Facility when on June 21 he sent a postcard via the U.S. Postal Service to a criminal gang associate, according to the arrest report.

Deputies say White is a documented member of a white supremacist gang.

On the postcard, deputies say White referenced having the victim harmed to avenge the death of his son.

Deputies say White admitted his intent when he sent the postcard and further told deputies that if he was housed with the man he wanted dead, he “would kill him himself,” the report states.

White was rearrested July 9 while already in jail on a felony charge of attempted solicitation/conspire to take a life.

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