Florida man runs off to drink a beer after mooning deputies, cops say

Dumb Criminals: Florida Edition

A compilation video showing some of Florida’s dumbest criminals in action.
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A compilation video showing some of Florida’s dumbest criminals in action.

Florida man struck again on July 8, this time in Charlotte County where a 43-year-old man was arrested for dropping his pants in front of deputies and then running off to drink a beer.

According to the sheriff’s office, Brian Arrigo ran up to deputies who were conducting an unrelated traffic stop near the Cedarwood Street and Spear Street intersection and essentially mooned them for unknown reasons.

Deputies say after Arrigo showed them his butt, he ran off into some nearby woods and was found sitting down drinking a beer.

Deputies didn’t find the situation very funny, however, warning Arrigo post-arrest that running at law enforcement and disobeying commands to stop can be dangerous for all involved.

Arrigo was arrested and booked into the Charlotte County jail for exposing sexual organs in a public area and possession of an open container.

Arrigo was released July 9 on his own recognizance.

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