Man charged with robbing Bradenton arcade. He was already in jail

Manatee County sheriff’s deputies didn’t have to go far to arrest 22-year-old Dontra Powell-Pompey on an armed robbery charge. He was already in jail on unrelated charges.

According to a report, Powell-Pompey used a gun May 31 to rob Betsey’s Arcade, an electronic gambling cafe in the 5000 block of 26th Street West.

Deputies say Powell-Pompey was caught on video driving into the business’s parking lot the night before the robbery, wearing the same clothes as the night of the robbery.

On the night of the robbery, deputies say Powell-Pompey is seen exiting his vehicle armed with handguns and running into the cafe. There were other suspects who were wearing masks, but Powell-Pompey’s face was partially exposed and he was wearing a hooded sweater with “Thrasher” across the front, a distinctive pink backpack and Nike sandals, according to the sheriff’s office.

According to the report, the suspects pointed their weapons at the occupants and staff of the cafe and proceeded to rob the place, making away with about $3,000 in cash, which was placed in the back of Powell-Pompey’s backpack.

A deputy recognized Powell-Pompey from the video and discovered he was already in jail on unrelated charges. The deputy made contact with Powell-Pompey and re-arrested him on felony armed robbery charges on June 12.

The report says the deputy showed Powell-Pompey a screen shot of himself from the video, but he denied being involved.

According to jail records, Powell-Pompey was already in custody on a contempt of court charge for failing to appear on battery and criminal mischief charges. He has a variety of arrests dating back to 2016.