Florida woman shoplifts, masturbates in front of child on the way to jail, cops say

A Florida woman who was arrested in February after she told deputies her name was “Blacksheep Trouble Squarepants” is in hot water again.

Tami Lynn Bonefield, 45, was arrested on Monday after she shoplifted from a beauty supply store in Largo and assaulted several employees who tried to stop her, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Bonefield was captured on video concealing items in her pocket and punching and kicking Silky Beauty Supply employees when confronted.

Bonefield denied stealing anything from the store, but deputies found two items on her person. They had a combined value of less than $10.

Bonefield was then arrested and placed in a law enforcement van to be transported to jail.

While in route, Bonefield engaged in conversation of a sexual nature with a boy of less than 16 years of age who was also being transported.

Bonefield proceeded to expose her breasts to the minor, according to an arrest affidavit. The sexual comments continued as she pulled down her pants and exposed her genitals. Bonefield then masturbated while looking at the victim and continuing to make sexual comments, according to a deputy’s report.

Bonefield is charged with lewd and lascivious exhibition, resisting a merchant, battery and petit theft, according to the sheriff’s office. She is held on bonds totaling $11,300 at the Pinellas County Jail.