Florida man tried to bring replica grenade launcher on plane, TSA says

The contents of a Florida man’s checked bag were confiscated at a Pennsylvania airport after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents found pieces of a grenade launcher inside.

The St. Augustine man’s bag triggered an alarm at the Lehigh Valley International Airport on Monday as it went through checked bag security, according to a news release from the TSA.

Agents opened the bag and found unassembled parts of a rocket propelled grenade launcher, including the barrel, trigger, sights and grenade.

TSA Public Affairs spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein tweeted, “When assembled, the launcher was determined to be non-functioning and the grenade an inert replica. (Thank goodness!)“

Agents found the man at his gate and detained him while they asked him about the items in his bag. The man told agents he thought the items could be flown in a checked bag, according to the TSA.

“Contrary to the passenger’s belief, however, no realistic or replica weapons are permitted to be brought onto airplanes,” TSA officials said in a news release.

replica grenade launcher 3.jpg
Transportation Security Administration

Those who bring weapons and replica weapons to the airport are subject to possible civil penalties of up to $13,000. The complete list of penalties is available on the TSA website.

The man was able to board his flight to Orlando, but the replica grenade launcher stayed behind. TSA agents confiscated the items.

Sara Nealeigh covers what’s happening in the cities of Bradenton and Palmetto, Florida for the Bradenton Herald. She previously covered breaking news for the Herald after moving to Florida from Ohio in 2016.