A Siesta Key tourist was burglarized. This couple was caught trying to sell his stuff, cops say

On Jan. 6, an Ohio man visiting Siesta Key found that his car was much emptier than he had left it.

A bike, helmet, pairs of shoes, clothing, sunglasses, a laptop in a backpack, jumper cables and a hammock were missing from his unlocked vehicle.

Now, a Sarasota couple has been charged with dealing in stolen property after they were caught conspiring to sell the man’s valuables, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.

Micah Kimbler, 29, listed the man’s bike, biking shoes, helmet and jumper cables for sale on the buy-and-sell app “Let Go” on the same day that the items were stolen, according to sheriff’s office.

The following day, 33-year-old Jonah Kimbler began visiting local pawn shops and attempting to sell the bike and shoes. Kimbler had no luck at the first two stops, but he was successful in selling the items to Goldcoast Pawn and Jewelery on Clark Road in Sarasota. At the time of the transaction, Kimbler provided his signature and thumb print indicating that he was the rightful owner of the items.

That same day, the Ohio man found his missing items listed on “Let’s Go” and alerted the sheriff’s office. Law enforcement then arranged to meet Micah Kimbler to purchase the jumper cables on Jan. 8. When Kimbler arrived at the designated meeting place, she was arrested and taken into custody.

While in custody, Kimbler made several threats of self harm and was Baker Acted.

Jonah Kimbler was also arrested on Jan. 8; a deputy pulled Kimbler over as he drove through a parking lot off of Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota.

In addition to outstanding warrants for dealing in stolen property and “providing false information to a pawn broker,” Kimbler was found to be driving on a suspended license and had a hypodermic needle in one pocket and a single pill of hydromorphone in another at the time of his arrest.

Goldcoast Pawn and Jewelery provided surveillance footage of Kimbler pawning the stolen and items and released them back to the Ohio man after he positively identified them as his own.