Teenager charged with trafficking synthetic drug MDMA, cops say

Sarasota Police Department

A 19-year-old Sarasota man is facing drug trafficking charges after Sarasota police say he sold undercover detectives more than 50 grams of a synthetic drug, MDMA.

According to police, Harney sold a total of 50.5 grams of MDMA to undercover detectives over three transactions between September and November.

On Sept. 20, Harney sold an undercover detective 14.2 grams of MDMA, another 9.3 grams on Oct. 17, and another 27.5 grams on Nov. 20, according to police.

Harney was arrested on two counts of trafficking in MDMA and one count of sale of a controlled substance. He has since been released on a $67,500 bond.