A man who was a foster parent for more than a decade is charged with raping one of the girls he cared for

Albert Ferrell
Albert Ferrell Provided photo

A Bradenton man who was a foster parent for more than 12 years has been charged with raping one of the girls he cared for, according to Bradenton police.

The now 19-year-old victim has a 4-month-old child fathered by the man, according to police.

Albert Ferrell, 65, was arrested on Nov. 30 and charged with sexual battery of a child older than 12 years old but younger than 18 and battery on a law enforcement officer. He was released from the Manatee County jail on Thursday after he posted bonds totaling $101,500.

Ferrell was a licensed foster parent through Camelot Community Care from March 2001 through August 2013, Camelot president Michael DiBrizzi confirmed Thursday. How many children he fostered was not immediately available.

Camelot provides therapeutic foster care for youth with severe mental, emotional or behavioral health needs.

On Nov. 30, the victim came forward and reported her allegations to the Bradenton Police Department, according to an arrest report by Detective Lixa Moyett.

The victim had been removed from her biological mother’s custody when she was two years old, she told detectives, and she was later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and anxiety as a result of abuse by her mother.

The girl was placed in 16 different foster homes before finally being placed with Ferrell and his wife at the age of 13, according to the report.

Throughout her teen years, the victim told police she was physically and emotionally abused by Ferrell, his wife and the couple’s two biological daughters, police said.

At the age of 15, the teen said she would sleep with Ferrell’s wife and son and she couldn’t sleep alone because of her disorders, according to the report. But one day Ferrell’s wife told her she needed to sleep on the couch, because of her sleeping habits, so she began sleeping on one couch while Ferrell slept on the pullout on the other.

It was in December 2012, when the victim was first forced to sleep with Ferrell while a family friend was visiting and sleeping on the couch, she told detectives. After the friend left, Ferrell groped her breasts, but she was unsure if Ferrell was asleep and unaware of what he did because he had taken a Xanax. The molesting escalated to rape, according to the teen, when he began to have sex with her.

Ferrell told the victim, “that he could show her how to have sex and how to like it,” according to the arrest report.

After a fight between the victim and Ferrell’s daughters, Ferrell moved to the Days Inn, 3506 First St., Bradenton, with her and his son. He would have sex with her when his son wasn’t in the room, she reported. They later moved to a duplex, where Ferrell would regularly have sex with her. If she refused, he would “guilt trip” her or get irritable and rude.

The victim said the sexual abuse continued and she wouldn’t resist because Ferrell would tell her he was going to tell his wife about what they were doing and tell law enforcement that she had raped him.

They moved back to the family home, and the sexual abuse went on but less frequently because of Ferrell’s medical issues. In June 2016, Ferrell’s wife moved back into the home but he continued to sleep and have sex with the victim.

During a controlled call between the victim and Ferrell, detectives listened as he blamed her for sex, according to the report.

“You’re not even good at it,” Ferrell said, according to police. “You should’ve just left me alone.”

When detectives later interviewed Ferrell, he again admitted to having sex with the victim and admitted that he knew her age. After being told he was being arrested, Ferrell attempted to take a bottle of pills and kicked another Bradenton police detective.

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