A sex, lies and debit cards episode ends in two arrests

Jesse Nicole Rodriguez faces nine charges after allegedly using sex to lure a robbery victim to an Extended Stay hotel room in Fort Lauderdale.
Jesse Nicole Rodriguez faces nine charges after allegedly using sex to lure a robbery victim to an Extended Stay hotel room in Fort Lauderdale.

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies found Lauderhill’s Md Abu Siddiquee after he told them he met Jesse Rodriguez for sex Sunday. BSO described Siddiquee as shaking and stuttering.

Siddiquee described a sexual encounter that suddenly changed to a robbery with death threats.

BSO deputies on Sunday arrested Rodriguez, 30, and alleged cohort Kevin Ramnarine at the Extended Stay Hotel at 3873 Commercial Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale.

Wilton Manors’ Rodriguez faces six felonies (kidnapping while inflicting bodily harm; false imprisonment of an adult; grand theft between $300 and $5,000; grand theft auto; illegal use of a credit card; codeine possession) and three misdemeanors (battery; marijuana possession under 20 grams; drug paraphernalia possession). With these charges, she’ll be held without bond off her pretrial release on a 2016 charge for lewd and lascivious behavior with a child present.

Boynton Beach resident Ranmarine, 27, faces the same charges minus illegal use of a credit card and battery. He was also charged with aggravated assualt with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. His bond is $78,200.

Siddiquee told police he showed up at room No. 257 at the Extended Stay to see a woman he met on Siddiquee didn’t tell police if he showed up as a companion or as a customer. Rodriguez’s past includes a 2009 prostitution arrest.

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Once Siddiquee arrived, “The female began performing sexual acts on the victim and then subsequently tied his wrists using a cell phone cord,” the complaint affidavit read.

Then, sex metamorphosed into stealing. Rodriguez went through his pockets to take $180 cash, his wallet, phone and car keys. He told police Rodriguez slapped him several times until he gave up the PIN number for his debit card.

Rodriguez called in another woman, Latrise Lenoir, who went to the Bank of America ATM to use the card. When the PIN didn’t work, they untied him and walked him over to the bank (the persuading weapon wasn’t noted in the affidavit), where he withdrew $200.

As they walked back to the hotel, they were joined by the Los Angeles-born Ramnarine, who police know by the street name of “LA” (which is tattooed on his face). Ramnarine allegedly kept Siddiquee in room No. 257 by threatening to shoot him dead.

Upon the women’s return, the foursome got into Siddiquee’s 2010 Honda hybrid and drove to a CVS at 3915 Commercial Blvd. Inside, Rodriguez prepared to check out with makeup and $200 worth of Visa gift cards when Siddiquee made his move. He tried to grab his cell phone from Rodriguez. Though failing in regaining his cell phone, the scuffle made enough of a commotion that Rodriguez and Ranmarine skedaddled from the store in Siddiquee’s car.

That’s where BSO deputies found Siddiquee when responding to a 911 call. They swung by the Extended Stay Hotel and arrested Rodriguez, Ranmarine and Lenoir. According to court online records and BSO arrest searches, Lenoir was released without being charged.

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