Where is the Kimberly family? U.S. Coast Guard searching for boaters

Kimberly family
Kimberly family US Coastguard

The U.S. Coast Guard search party hasn’t found the father and three teenage children missing off Florida’s Gulf Coast since Sunday. What the party has found might not be encouraging.

In Wednesday’s 11 a.m. briefing from St. Petersburg, U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Gregory Case said a propane tank, four water bottles tied together, a pair of tennis shoes, a tarpaulin and a basketball were found right in the search pattern. Whether or not they belonged to the missing Kimberly family members remains undetermined.

Ace Kimberly and his teenage children, Rebecca, Donny and Roger, were sailing from Sarasota to Fort Myers to take the boat in for repairs when they got caught in Sunday’s squalls.

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