Defusing volatile standoff earns Manatee County Sheriff's Office employee Jonathan Kruse Deputy of the Month honor

Defusing volatile standoff earns Jonathan Kruse Deputy of the Month honor

MANATEE -- Detective Jonathan Kruse has been named Deputy of the Month for April by the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

Kruse responded to a random shooting call Oct. 14, 2015. Kruse began to approach the complainant's home on foot seeing several signs advising the owner would defend his home from eviction by whatever means necessary.

Kruse requested backup, then approached the front door. The owner opened the door dressed in a ballistic body armor and holding a handgun.

Kruse was able to get the owner to put down the handgun. The owner said he was being evicted and would not leave without a fight, advising he shot out the window to draw law enforcement to his home and force them to shoot him.

He had also placed gas cans all over his home and planned to burn the house down.

Emergency services and soon hostage negotiators arrived and the owner agreed to allow the team into the home. The owner later stated he couldn't bring himself to follow through with his plan because of Kruse's professionalism and his kind face.