Someone lost a prosthetic ear on Anna Maria Island. Police are trying to find the owner

The island police departments are no strangers to lost and found dilemmas given the number of people who come and go every week of the year, but Saturday’s find was a bit on the unusual side.

Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer said a citizen found a prosthetic ear during Saturday’s World’s Strongest Man competition. Believing the person who lost the ear would likely try to find it as soon as possible, “We gave it a couple of days before putting it out there,” Tokajer said. “But no has come forward so we wanted to make it public in hopes of finding the person.

“So if you have lost an ear, we have found it,” he said.

HBPD posted the lost ear on Facebook Tuesday afternoon.

According to various medical websites, one prosthetic ear ranges in price from $4,000 to $8,000.

According to earcommunity.org, an ear prosthetic can be attached to the person’s head either by magnets or snaps, but can also be glued. The glue is not recommended for atmospheres that may result in heavy sweating, as was the case during this weekend’s strongman events on the beaches of Anna Maria Island.

The removal of one’s ear used to be required in order to get an ear prosthetic, however, that is no longer the case and can fit over whatever existing ear the person may have.

If anyone has any information regarding ownership of the ear, you can call HBPD at 941-708-5807.