November Art Walk celebrates Gregg Allman, Snooty

Hundreds of visitors packed the Village of the Arts on Friday night to honor the lives of Gregg Allman and Snooty the Manatee.

The monthly Art Walk event typically features a Day of the Dead theme in November that focuses on the celebration of life, with a shrine dedicated to a beloved public figure. However, Allman and Snooty were both paid tribute to this year.

A band made up of artists who knew or performed with Allman, including his son Michael, performed a concert of Gregg Allman’s greatest hits for free at Village Veranda Studios, which drew in countless fans of the legendary rock ‘n’ roll artist.

Larry Fagley said the event was an opportunity for him to finally get out to see what the Village of the Arts had to offer.

“I do crafts, so I’ve been meaning to come out to the village and look around,” Fagley said. “This is a great event and a good chance to do that while enjoying music and a nice cold beer.”

Snooty was honored with a shrine consisting of work by local Bradenton artists. Suzanne Reynolds is one of the artists who contributed to the piece with a Snooty carving.

Reynolds said she spent “quite a long time” preparing her artwork for the event. The night before, she and two fellow artists walked the streets of the Village of the Arts and planted “guerrilla art.”

Cheryl Kinderknecht began the tradition of installing guerrilla art throughout the village in 2005 and joined Reynolds, along with her partner Lin Oakerson, the night before to stash her creation among the event’s scenery.

“They’re hidden all over — on telephone poles and signs. They’re like Easter eggs that are hidden in plain sight,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds said the guerrilla art is designed to either become a permanent addition to the area or, if they like it enough, to be taken home by visitors.

The art walk continues until 4 p.m. Saturday, with galleries and shops in the village open and accepting visitors, and many holding openings and special events.

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