Watch Legoland designers use more than 110,000 LEGOs to honor Apollo 11 astronauts

There are many ways to celebrate the moment mankind made it to the moon, from museum visits to documentaries — why not with Legos, too?

Legoland Florida Resort decided that was the perfect way to honor Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and NASA on the 50th anniversary of the historic moon landing of Apollo 11.

The park’s designers built two “out-of-this-world” structures, Legoland said.

The first is a life-size Lego astronaut model comprised of almost 66,000 Lego bricks. One model designer spent 143 hours designing the astronaut and five builders spent 450 hours putting it together.

The second is a moon landing-inspired mosaic background built from more than 44,000 Lego bricks. It took one builder 58 hours to design it and six builders 480 hours to make it. And 23 different colors were used in its construction.

The model will be displayed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for a year before moving to its permanent home at Legoland Florida Resort where guests can take pictures with the replica moon lander.

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