Gadget guru: Bluetooth headset has crystal-clear sound even in the wind

Sennheiser PRESENCE™ BluetoothAE headsets are a popular choice for mobile professionals seeking a lightweight, slim headset solution that delivers outstanding HD sound quality.
Sennheiser PRESENCE™ BluetoothAE headsets are a popular choice for mobile professionals seeking a lightweight, slim headset solution that delivers outstanding HD sound quality. TNS

Sennheiser’s latest Bluetooth mobile headset, the Presence headband, is backed with a ton of new technology that results in crystal-clear sound.

The stylish device has new noise-filtering technologies allowing it to eliminate many distracting background noises that disrupt your conversation.

This includes what Sennheiser calls WindSafe, designed to block wind noise. This can be from wind while standing outside, or driving and talking with windows open.

SpeakFocus detects the user’s voice and filters out background noise, giving your caller a crystal-clear call.

I was eager to try the open window feature and it was amazing to see it really worked well.

Physically, the headset is great looking in a slim, lightweight form. The Presence has a three-in-one design with choices of in-ear or ear hook wearing and an optional headband.

The headset can remain on the headband while charging.

Those who I spoke to while testing the headset reported my audio was as clear as can be.

The new technologies along with three built-in digital microphones produce the clear sound your caller will hear.

ActiveGard technology will protect users from acoustic shocks and sudden sound bursts. $179.95

Easy vacuum-seal for food

I never thought a vacuum-seal food container would interest me but the Savior from Ankomn sure did.

After watching the company’s time lapse video (I admit, it wasn’t exactly a breathtaking movie, but it was informative) showing how it keeps food fresher up to eight times longer than other food storage systems, I was sold.

Unlike many other systems, there’s no need for a pump or power. You just twist it three times to close and press a button to open it.

Ankomn’s patented vacuum seal technology keeps air out, including humidity and dry air that leads to food getting stale.

The company’s press release suggested it was perfect for marinating meats, which I did and it worked to perfection.

Anything you want to keep fresh for an extended period of time, as long as it fits inside, will work. The container is freezer- and refrigerator-safe.

The Savior container is stain-resistant and dishwasher safe; the lid has the vacuum components and must be washed in the sink. $69.99 1.5-quart container and $74.99 for the 2.5-quart size

Compact Bluetooth receiver

Mass Fidelity’s Relay Hi-Fi Bluetooth (DAC) receiver might seem like one of those devices you don’t need, so hear me out on why it can make its way into your home.

A few things to note; it’s not a Bluetooth speaker, it’s a Bluetooth receiver and measures only 4.6-by-4-by-1.4-inches with an aluminum body.

No internet required and all the power connections and ports are on the back with only an illuminated LED on top to indicate the unit is on.

Bluetooth audio is easy to access but it’s not the best quality. With the Digital to Analog Converter, it takes your digital files and sends them to your receiver in optimum quality.

Inside are components that convert your audio from any handheld device connected to the Relay via Bluetooth. The Relay then connects to your receiver to give the full quality of the audio you want to listen to in full stereo with the included cables.

A simple pairing feature makes it easy for switching between multiple Bluetooth devices.

According to the Mass Fidelity site, you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your Relay, simply return to them within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. $249.

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