Gadgets: Card reader keeps digital data easily accessible

The ADATA Technology i-Memory flash drive transfers digital data easily between a computer and an iOS device.
The ADATA Technology i-Memory flash drive transfers digital data easily between a computer and an iOS device. TNS

Adata Technology’s iOS card reader with Lightning connector ($29.99) is one of the most useful accessories I’ve come across for Apple iOS devices with the Lightning interface connection.

You plug the Lightning end into an iPhone or iPad and it can read your SD or microSD memory card to load digital images directly to your device. It works seamlessly and is the first Lightning-based card reader with read and write capabilities, at least that I’ve seen.

With the two-way transferring, you essentially get storage expansion up to 256GB to keep digital data easily accessible.

The card reader (1.5-by-1.25-by-.25-inches) and the Lightning connection are joined together with a durable and flexible 2.5-inch cable. Users can easily take data from an Android device memory card and load it into an Apple device, which do not have built-in memory card slots.

Adata’s Power Drive app is included for helping transfer digital images, documents, music and videos.

The card reader has official Apple MFi certification as a fully licensed product, according to Adata.

The company also has an i-Memory flash drive, which can transfer digital easily between a computer and an iOS device.

It’s built with an Apple-certified Lightning connection on one end and a standard USB (3.0) connection on the other. Both connections slide in and out to keep them exposed only when needed.

All you do is plug it into your computer’s USB port (Mac or PC) to load data on or off, and to your iOS device with the i-Memory app to view or transfer digital files. It supports most every format including Ultra HD 4K video. i-Memory 32GB $65.99, 64GB $69.99, 128GB $109.99

Apple watch dock

The Helix Apple Watch dock is a polycarbonate plastic cube (2.3-by-2-by-2-inches), which houses an Apple 1A USB/AC charger and up to two meters of Apple Watch charging cable inside. The compact, portable and easy-to-use charger exposes the cable’s magnetic charging plate in a slot on top of the dock. When your watch needs a charge, all you do is place it on top of the magnetic charger.

This keeps the cable tangle free and easy to pack up and go. The AC prongs can be positioned in two orientations to work with your wall’s AC ports. $19.99 in choices of white, clear, black and glow in the dark

Affordable headphones

808 Audio Performer headphones give you the big headphone look with big sound but without the big prices.

Even before the clear, crisp noise isolation sound starts flowing (wired or Bluetooth versions) you feel the comfort of the DJ-designed suspension ear cup technology that gives users an ergonomic fit for any head size or age.

Inside the ear cups are 40mm drivers, and each side can rotate 90-degrees for single ear listening. Each side is connected to a sweat-resistant silicone headband and has a black, metallic design.

The Bluetooth model will give you about 15 hours of playtime before a USB charge is needed. It also has the option of attaching a wire for a direct connection. $79.99 wired, $99.99 Bluetooth

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