Gadgets for the Smart Home: Porch light has built-in surveillance

The Kuna light fixture looks like a porch light but has a discreet 720p HD Wi-Fi, 116-degree security camera that records everything near the doorway.
The Kuna light fixture looks like a porch light but has a discreet 720p HD Wi-Fi, 116-degree security camera that records everything near the doorway. TNS

The Kuna light fixture with security camera is probably one of the better-looking smart home devices I’ve used. It installs easily and works really well as a front door light while adding a layer of home security.

The key is it looks like a porch light but has a discreet 720p HD Wi-Fi (116-degree) security camera that records everything near the doorway.

In most cases you can install it yourself using the included instructions, if you’re replacing an existing light. If it’s a new installation, I recommend a certified electrician.

The device must be within reach of your home Wi-Fi.

Once the installation is complete, you have the free app (iOS and Android) with a straightforward registration and pairing.

In addition to the live video feed, you get smart light control, alerts, two-way intercom with built-in microphone/speaker and a 100 deb siren alert.

Everything worked as expected, the light quality was what you would want on a porch. The video was great quality during the day with reduced quality as expected at night.

Kuna is IP44 certified, allowing it to be outside in temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 131 degrees.

Recent updates to the Kuna firmware and app offer improved video quality, dusk and dawn settings, faster live video connection time on iOS and live video that can be watched by more than one person simultaneously.

Video is stored in the cloud, with up to two hours for free before a paid subscription is needed. $199, available in Kuna Craftsman, Kuna Traditional and Kuna Contemporary model.

Smart fry pan

The Pantelligent smart 12-inch non-stick cast aluminum frying pan has a built-in temperature sensor, which talks to an app (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth.

The app displays the temperature, cooking steps for flipping, stirring, and adding ingredients. It even reminds you to turn off the stove when the cooking is complete.

When you start cooking you can tell the app what’s being cooked, how thick a piece of meat is, how you like it cooked, medium, well done, etc.

You get on-screen and spoken notifications of the pan’s temperature. The app uses data from the pan to adjust cooking in real-time.

Within the free Pantelligent app, there are recipes that it uses to automatically adjust the cooking time and temperature with the smart pan.

The temperature displayed is that of the outside of the food; the algorithm figures out the proper cooking time for within.

Two AAA batteries are included to power the pan. It can be used with gas or electric stoves, but is not dishwasher or oven safe. $199

AC control

The Mistbox is a smart home device you connect to your home AC unit that helps reduce AC-related energy consumption by 30 percent on average.

Through Wi-Fi you manage the unit’s energy consumption and saving on the Mistbox mobile app.

The Mistbox is a solar-powered gadget that attaches to the outside of your AC unit and hooks up to a standard garden hose. It features sensors that measure temperature, sound and electromagnetic field to automatically detect optimal run cycles.

When the outside temperature hits the temperature you programmed in the app, the Mistbox emits a thin mist to cool the air around the air conditioner, reducing the energy it requires to produce the cold air.

The app has all kinds of customizable settings for schedules, temperatures and current status. The Mistbox is compatible with any size unit. $399

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