Public Records

Public Records for Feb. 13-16, 2018


The following parents are proud to announce the births of their babies:

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

No records.

Manatee Memorial Hospital

Havanah Jo Leighton, daughter of Laurie Jo Caudill and Cyrus Elliott Leighton of Bradenton, was born Feb. 6, 2018.

Victor Roberto Lopez, son of Mercedis Jimenez and Victor Lopez of Bradenton, was born Feb. 9, 2018.

Alaina Evanna Torres, daughter of Flor Torres and Armando Torres of Palmetto, was born Feb. 11, 2018.


These couples filed for divorce in Manatee County:

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018

Jacob M Zitowitz and Lynsay A Zitowitz

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018

Daniel Adams and Ashley Adams

Cornelius Watkins and Beverly Lee Watkins

Joanne-Rae Catherine Torlucci and Mark Anthony Torlucci

Kelvin Omar Pinotirias and Guadalupe Carranza

Andrew Burg and Benedicte Marie Burg

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

Bobi Godwin and Jason Godwin

Norma Gayle Smith and John Jason Smith

Paul F Gonzalez and Madison J Gonzalez

Shannon Dunnan and Noland L Dunnan Jr.

Steven Schwartz and Janna Christine Schwartz

Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

Hasseena Renee Shelton and Gary Eugene Shelton Jr.

Christopher Roberts and Jennifer D Moore Roberts

Brittney Vasquez and Jeremiah Vasquez

Jacqueline V Robles Rivera and Alfredo E Arroyo Velez

Soraida Perez Montantes and Abel Eli Carreon Cortez

Lindsey Blakeley John and Steven M John

James Richard Blatt and Martha Lilian Blatt


These couples applied for marriage licenses in Manatee County:

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018

Kelly Jean Escalona Morey and Jason Leslie Norton

George Dale Cutler and Anna Marie Ramey

Collin Michael Knight and Kelsey Kay Howard

Melissa Sue Perkins and Brian Craig Ritter

Rachael Ann Tally and Jonathan Ben Ford

Clare Grace Mitchell and Michael Henry Childers

Gisela Calzada Tinajero and Aaron Mendoza

James Dougall Mccrorie and Judith Mary Douch

Katie Jo Talbert and David Michael Riedel

Kevin Robert Lee and Erica Marie Vanzile

Ashley Elizabeth Daniel and Kevin Michael Currier

Timothy Virgil Wilson and Allison Sydney Jacques

Sarah Ashley Hornbeck and Tristen Nathaniel Derry

Joshua David Nyberg Caldwell and Rachael Leah Lewkowiez

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

David Lee Bowman and Robin Rosemarie Cusson

Linda Beryl Stackman and Paul Gannon Fitzpatrick

Jessica Marie Sakas and Kristian Daniel Korner

Annette Poteri and Joseph M Craycraft

Zachary Douglas Macarthur and Heather Sue Greene

Regan Anne Mealy and Mitchell Glen Berry

Gail Lynn Osborne and Alvin Davis

Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

Misty Marie Criteser and John Paul Pecunies

Susan Larkin and Barry Karl Bauer

Lauren Nicole Schelb and Alexander Scott Hughes

Donald Joseph Burns and Mark Joseph Regis

Sabrina Latrice Putman-Gray and Weldon Arnell Wiggins

Audrey Taylor May and Anthony Ryan Tillett

Susan Lynn Holmes and John Lawrence Boyd

Yamilly Irizarry Carmona and Luis Gabriel Lopez Santana

Kullee James Dimas and Angelique Miller

Luciano Ferreira Soares and Joanna Sara Lagana

Mary Elise Dryer and James William Kinley III

Eduardo Elias Zacarias and Maribel Perez Gonzalez

Kayla Rose Patrick and Roberto Ramon Guerra

Brittany Jean Jackson and William Colby Gregory

Zachary Ryan Gossett and Kerri Lynne Gullick

Natalie Chey Thomas and Caleb Jon Eckert

Manuel Diaz Delgado and Francisca Valle Garcia