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Gadget Guru: LampChamp charges while it illuminates

The LampChamp turns any lamp into a USB charging station for multiple electronic devices.
The LampChamp turns any lamp into a USB charging station for multiple electronic devices. HANDOUT

When you look at the LampChamp, you will think it’s a standard light socket. But when you look closer, you will see it’s a useful gadget.

On the side is a USB port to plug in cables for charging smartphones, tablets, mini fans, eReaders or numerous other portable gadgets.

With any lamp that uses a standard-sized light bulb, screw in the LampChamp, then put the bulb into the LampChamp. On the side of the LampChamp is a standard USB charging port along with an on/off switch for the bulb. You can leave the switch on and control the light with the switch, or vice versa.

The USB port will always be powered for charging devices, and bulbs up to 60 watts can be used.; $19.99 or $29.99 for a two-pack


The Accell Powramid might look big and bulky for a power strip, but in reality it’s a space saver.

The rounded base (5.75 inches round and 3.5 inches high) has six grounded AC outlet ports, spaced apart and angled to allow it to be adapter friendly for bulky power supplies. On the base are a pair of USB charging ports.

A 6-foot grounded power cord allows the base to be positioned where needed.

For safety, the Powramid stops conducting power once the absorption has reached capacity. This also protects connected devices from power surges.; $34.99, available in black and white


Pelican describes itself as a company that creates the toughest and most dependable products on the market. I’ve used an endless amount of their storage cases and I can tell you what they say is true.

They’ve added a line of Traveler Series Tumblers in 22- and 32-ounce sizes. They are made with an ergonomic steel base and are automobile and boat cup-holder friendly.

I filled my 32-ounce Traveler Tumbler with ice and water to start my day at 8 a.m. At 4:30 p.m., after several refills, I still had the ice.; $20.61 for the 22 ounce and $36.11 for 32 ounce; both available in multiple colors.

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