2-12 Wednesday letters

Adopt the Green New Deal

The Bradenton Herald is to be commended for printing the Feb. 10 Op Ed piece “Time to think big on climate change.”

It notes that the nature of the scientific debate over climate change is not about whether global warming is truly taking place or what is causing it. These questions are now settled. The website “Skeptical Science: getting skeptical about global warming skepticism,” among others, provides abundant evidence.

The open question is whether the effects of human induced climate change will be “really bad, catastrophically bad, or a threat to civilization bad.”

The Green New Deal (GND) is the best answer yet to these troubling questions. The Op Ed piece observes that the GND calls for a “new national, social, industrial and economic mobilization on a scale not seen since World War II and the New Deal.”

All hands on deck to make the GND a reality.

Robert Phillipof


Tell truth about Trump’s speech

The Feb. 7 edition of the Bradenton Herald contained an editorial on the front page. The front page should contain news; editorials belong in the Opinion Section. This article contained not a bit of news. Even the title, “Trump bets re-election bid on issues such as immigration, socialism,” is fake news.

Illegal immigration and socialism are Democrat values. You could add gun control, global warming, late-term and after-birth abortion, and unending investigations.

These investigations cover any suspected misdeed by any Republican connected years later to the Trump Administration. They result in bizarre early morning arrests by heavily-armed FBI agents. But Hillary’s use of a personal computer system to conduct highly sensitive government business and the destruction of documents that she was under court order to turn over, both illegal, will not be investigated. Nor will they investigate Bill Clinton’s highly paid speeches to foreign governments while Hillary, as secretary of State, was in a position to grant favors to these governments, and the drying-up of these speech arrangements since.

The goals and achievements that President Trump mentioned in his State of the Union Address (the supposed subject of this article) include bipartisanship, increased legal immigration, and record levels of employment; especially employment of women, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians.

The voters will have the opportunity to choose between these two visions. The Herald should provide correct and impartial information to aid them.

Ken Geisinger