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Food Network’s ‘Restaurant: Impossible’ is coming back to Bradenton. Here are the details

In Food Network hit “Restaurant: Impossible,” celebrity chef Robert Irvine attempts to help struggling restaurants get turned around in just 48 hours.

He’s also known to break out a sledgehammer when a serious remodel is in order.

The show’s 12th season, which aired in 2015, featured Bradenton diner Theresa’s Restaurant in its first episode.

Now, the “Restaurant: Impossible” team is coming back to see how Theresa’s is doing four years later.

Theresa’s was featured on a special “ambush” episode of the program — which meant that owner Jodi Boucher had no idea that Irvine and team were going to show up.

This time, it’s not a surprise.

“Theresa’s is getting visited by Robert Irvine and our camera crew once again,” assistant producer Kaitlyn Conners said in a social media post on Thursday.

The episode will be shot next week, and locals have a chance to get in on the action.

There will be two televised meals filmed as part of the show on Thursday, Sept. 26. They will be held at 10:30 a.m. and 12:15 p.m., according to Conners, and reservations can be made by sending an email to

Reservations are first come, first served and by email only; the sender’s full name, cell number, and party size must be included.

Those who are selected will receive a confirmation email. Diners will still be responsible for paying the cost of their bill.

“Snag a seat to dine at Theresa’s Restaurant, one of Bradenton’s beloved brunch spots,” Conners said.

The first time that Irvine dropped in on Theresa’s, the diner was in relatively good shape compared to some of the other disastrously-run businesses featured on the show.

Still, the visit produced a drama-filled episode of television that brought the restaurant a lot of attention and a boost in business.

And Theresa’s got a big makeover.

“’Restaurant: Impossible’ and Robert Irvine (have) given me a recharge,” Boucher told the Food Network following the experience. “I am renewed and inspired once again. They took the passion and love I have for food and Theresa’s and helped more than they will ever know.”

“Restaurant: Impossible” was canceled in Aug. 2016 after 13 seasons, but the Food Network rebooted it earlier this year.

The reality show’s return is two-fold. In addition to filming new seasons featuring restaurants never-before-seen on the program, Irvine is also revisiting previously featured businesses for a series of specials.

Theresa’s Restaurant, located at 608 Tamiami Trail in Bradenton, is one of the restaurants that’s in for a check-up.

Fingers crossed that the sledgehammer doesn’t come out.