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A paycheck with toppings? Bradenton’s Willy-Yums pays social media guru in hot dogs

What if your paycheck came topped with chili cheese and bacon?

A Florida woman is living that dream in Bradenton by running social media for Willy-Yums, a homemade hot dog stand at 2003 14th St. W. Fox News 13 reports that Danielle Mamagona got involved with the restaurant as soon as they opened in July 2017.

There was a noticeable absence of any posts advertising the grand opening, and pitching her background as a social media specialist, Mamagona made a deal with owner Rob Williams. He couldn’t afford to pay money but offered hot dogs instead.

“Everyone knows where to go to get a hamburger and a taco, and everyone knows where to go to get a fast food sub sandwich,” Williams told the Bradenton Herald in 2017. “But nobody knows where to go to get a great hot dog meal.

Turns out, that’s how he pays one of his employees. It was a deal Mamagona couldn’t turn down.

“I mean, I love hot dogs, like a lot,” she told Fox 13.

At Willy-Yums, “hometown inspired” hot dogs are much more than just a wiener on a bun. Some menu items include the Frito Pie Dog with chili, Fritos chip bits, cheese and green onions and the New Yorker, featuring coleslaw, sauerkraut, spicy brown mustard and chili powder.

Mamagona is still running the restaurant’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, according to The Takeout.