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6,100 Chef Boyardee meals recalled for a labeling mistake that can cause serious problems


The label on the microwaveable bowl says “Chef Boyardee rice with chicken and vegetables” — but what’s actually in the bowl can create a serious, possibly fatal, food allergy problem.

That’s why Conagra Foods has recalled about 6,124 units.

As Conagra heard from several customers, instead of the microwave meal on the label, there’s microwave beef with ravioli. While that bothers vegetarians beyond shrug-and-eat-it-anyway, the real problem is for those allergic to milk or wheat.

Those are in the beef with ravioli. They aren’t in the rice and chicken dish and so aren’t on the label.

The recalled bowls went to retail stores in Florida, Kentucky and New York. They have a package code No. 210090151050045L and a best by date of Jul082020. Both are on the bottom with “EST 794.”

Chef Boyardee microwave bottom.JPG
Codes on the bowl bottom USDA

Consumers with the recalled bowls can either toss them or return to the place of purchase for a refund. Those with questions can call Conagra’s manager of quality Danielle Richardson at 800-921-7404.

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