Foreclosures for week of May 16, 2016


Foreclosed properties to be sold either online or at 11 a.m. on the days listed at the Manatee County Courthouse/Annex. Listed are the borrower's name, the amount of the trust deed, the lender, the file number and online or Annex. For online foreclosure sales visit


No records.


Christopher Potts et al, $104,581, Homebridge Financial Services Inc., 2014-CA-004932, online.


No records.


Larry R. Bell et al, $138,656, Bank of New York Mellon et al, 2012-CA-004722, online.

Luis Rodriguez et al, $279,883, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al, 2013-CA-002752, online.

Douglas F. Kline et al, $436,492, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2015-CA-002970, online.

Joseph George Schwartzkopf et al, $66,554, Federal National Mortgage Association, 2015-CA-003646, online.


Patrick A. Hall et al, $291,095, Wells Fargo Bank NA et al, 2009-CA-013175, online.

John Greeman et al, $96,179, Green Tree Servicing LLC, 2013-CA-006314, online.

William R. Wilson et al, $265,016, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2014-CA-004781, online.

Kevin D. Harris et al, $207,059, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 2015-CA-000003, online.

Brian A. Buck et al,

$262,281, Federal National Mortgage Association, 2015-CA-004323, online.

Barbara G. Miles et al, $145,817, US Bank NA et al, 2015-CA-005051, online.


The following businesses have applied for occupational licenses in Manatee County cities:


Deleon Motors LLC, 1400 Ninth St. W., #B, garage, Elter Deleon Merida, 941-357-3137.

Kenyon Law Group, PLLC, 1101 Sixth Ave. W., attorney, Amy Kenyon, 941-225-2616.

M&R Audio LLC, 404 Seventh St. E., garage, Ryan Purdy, 941-524-2281.

Sunz Property LLC, 1301 Sixth Ave. W., rental units, Karen Bolinder, 941-306-3077.

Swift Kiwan LLC, 2102 14th St. W., rental units, Vincent Crisci, 917-723-3944.